PAFD VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT PAFD VISION: The  Alliance  intends  to  transform  the  current  Empire  State  of  Ethiopia  into  free,  democratic  communities  of  nations who  coexist  peacefully,  in freely  chosen  systems  of  governance  either  in  a  single federal system or allied independent states. PAFD MISSION: PAFD  will  change  the  political  landscape  in  Ethiopia  by  dismantling  the  traditional  colonial  and  tyrannical system of government where an Ethnic clique uses or usurps the powers of the state and  oppresses the rest of the peoples in the name of the state. PAFD  will then  create  a  Transitional  Federal  Arrangement  based  on  democracy, the  rights  of  self‐ determination of peoples and respects of human rights in a manner that addresses the grievances of  all the nations in Ethiopia by instituting a genuinely representative political order. This new political  order will conduct free and fair referendum at the end of the transitional period for all peoples in the  states of the transitional arrangement for the formation of federal or confederal states of Ethiopia or  creation of their own independent state. For those who choose to be part of a federal or confederal Ethiopia, PAFD will institute a federal or  confederal  system  that  is  just,  and  democratic,  where  all  human  and  democratic  rights  are  fully  respected; and the full autonomy of the constitutive states fully implemented. For those who choose to  set up their own  state, PAFD will help to  establish  a positive, friendly  relationship with  each other  based on mutual respect, cooperation and common market.  PAFD VALUES: PAFD believes and upholds 1. All fundamental rights enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights 2. Peaceful coexistence among all nations and states of the world 3. Popular Sovereignty and the rights of all nations to self‐determination and freedom to decide their destiny 4. All democratic rights including universal suffrage and the right of the peoples to freely elect their leaderships, freedom of worship and expression and equality, right to life, liberty,  the pursuit of happiness, diversity, social and economic justice and freedom from abject poverty and exploitation, rule of law, sustainable development, and care for the environment, right to have a representative government with separation of powers, checks and balances,  individual rights and equal opportunity 5. Good neighborliness and harmony among peoples and states based on non‐interference, cooperation and supporting each other in times of need. 6. Peaceful resolution of conflicts, through dialogue and arbitration 7. Limiting the powers of states against individual and civil rights 8. Transparency, accountability, integrity, courage 9. Kindness to other forms of life