Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD), comprised of five national organizations has been officially inaugurated on 23rd of October 2015 in Oslo, Norway. On its inauguration of aforementioned date, high level of professionals have been delegated various tasks for PAFD to accomplish within given time frame. Some of these allocated tasks involve road mapping and strategizing the way forward for PAFD’s strategic and operational goals. They have been also given responsibilities of conceptualising the way PAFD can decisively operate to create lasting solution in Ethiopia’s 130 years socio-economic and political malignancy. These groups of temporary delegated professionals have been given the roles of showing the means and approach in a realistic manner by devising the necessary strategy for PAFD’s struggle by critically looking at the ways on how to manage the risks and challenges whilst striding towards inevitable changes in Ethiopian politics.

During its establishment, the PAFD has involved the communities of 5 nations for the first time in Ethiopian history whose peoples comprise over 65% of the population through the Oromo, Ogaden Somali, Sidama, Benshangul and Gambela’s political organisations.

The main focus of today’s first meeting was diplomatic aspects, community mobilising from local to international and identifying international and regional targets. Furthermore, the meeting has also considered challenges and opportunities available at PAFD’s disposal and devised the right tools for the PAFD to effectively and efficiently exploit the opportunities by minimising risks. Additionally, the delegates have reiterated how the establishment of the PAFD has energised the community at large- from local to international level and the stakeholder’s confidence and preparedness to embark on struggle under the leadership of PAFD.

This kind of meeting will take places on fortnightly basis at international level until General Council of the PAFD takes over the responsibilities of doing so in three months’ time.

PAFD’s international Strategic Task Group

November 08, 2015

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