The Indomitable Oromo Nation Obliterates the TPLF Tyranny as Oppressed Nations Dissipate By Gabisso Halaale #OromoProtests The SIDAMA people are joining the Oromo Struggles to defeat the TPLF It is a great example for Others The peaceful protests by Oromo civilians against the scheme of massive land grab in the vicinity of Finfine quickly metamorphosed into a revolution for total emancipation from the TPLF colonial rule. In spite of an extraordinary barbarity by the sadistic Agazi killers who massacred over 450 innocent Oromo students, children, elders, men and women since April 2014,  the gallant Oromo nation refuses to give in. The Oromo nation is on course not only to liberate itself but also to radically alter the history of Horn of Africa. I believe in the power of the people. And this time in the power of the indomitable Oromo people who buried fear and continue to confront the largest, well equipped and the most brutal army in East Africa. In spite of the rapidly escalating human costs of liberation, the Oromo nation has already scored victory in a number of fronts. The first and the most fundamental of these victories is the unity of the Oromo nation itself.  Never in history has the Oromo nation achieved this level of unity of purpose since the great campaign to reclaim their ancestral lands in the 15th and 16th century.  Unity was the corner stone of the Oromo victory then and will be the corner stone of their victory now.   The Oromo victory could be costly but will not be contingent on support of anyone else. Secondly, the Oromo nation has already technically defeated TPLF.  The Oromo nation forced TPLF to unconditionally halt the scheme of massive land grab in Oromia. This is the first time in the history of its 25 year rule that the barbaric regime was forced to reverse its decision. As the revolution continues, the chances of deceitfully backtracking on its promises not to implement the scheme of land grab becomes slimmer and slimmer. Beyond forcing the regime to backtrack on its predatory economic policies, the uprising exposed an inherent fault line in the regime’s very structure. It became abundantly clear that the so-called constituent parties making up the EPRDF are nothing but stooges of TPLF. The OPDO, a constituent party of ERPDF in Oromia, was never trusted during crisis in Oromia and hence the creation of a command post led by the lackey prime minister to terrorize the civilians. In addition, the Oromo revolution achieved international recognition in a scale never attained before. The protests and ensuing violence by the security forces has been widely covered by various international media outlets. Various international human rights organizations exposed the scale of violence meted by the TPLF forces on peaceful Oromo protesters. The European parliament, the legislative organ representing most European nations that provide massive financial aid to shore up the TPLF tyranny openly condemned the human rights violations in the country. Last but not least, the Oromo nation defeated TPLF with bare two crossed hands displayed as a symbol of defiance, which I repeat as a routine every day to show my solidarity with my sisterly Oromo nation. The TPLF regime is defeated because it shoots and kills a nine year old child just for crossing his two hands in defiance for freedom and justice. No regime that shoots and kills a mother who raises her two hands to protect her son will escape the wrath of the people. Sooner or later justice will prevail and the TPLF regime will fully account for the atrocities it committed against the Oromo nation. The time to deliver this justice could be significantly shortened if all oppressed nations join the gallant Oromo nation to obliterate the TPLF tyranny. I am personally bewildered to witness the Sidama nation not actively taking part in the revolution while our brothers and sisters in Oromia are being slaughtered in a broad day light. Is inaction in Sidama a symptom of fading nationalism or a leadership deficit?  Like the Oromo nation, the Sidama nation has a long history of resistance against the brutal Abyssinian colonialism in the past 130 years.  King Baallicha Worawo annihilated 1200 soldiers led by an expansionist Besha Aboye, the war leader of King Minelik II, in 1892 during their first attempt to annex Sidama into the Abyssinian empire. Led by Wena Hankarso, Hushula Xaadisso and Lanqamo Naare, the Sidama people fiercely resisted the return of the feudal land lords after Italy was driven out of the country in 1941. Takilu Yota, the most revered Sidama guerilla fighter, hunted down the feudal landlord across Sidama for a decade in the 1960s. With the support of Siad Barre, the Sidama Liberation Movement waged a 6 year civil war against  the Derg  fully liberating Harbagona, Bansa and Hororessa between 1977 and 1983 in which an estimated 10,000 fighters and civilians perished. The TPLF soldiers massacred 70 peaceful protesters in Loqqe, Hawassa on 24 May 2002.  Has the Sidama nationalism vanished after all these sacrifices? I do not think so. The lack of action against the massacre of our Oromo brothers and sisters is due to lack of leadership on the ground. In spite of the repeated plea by the Sidama leadership in diaspora, the local leadership failed to provide any direction to the Sidama nation on the ground. The Sidama local leadership yielded to pressures from four  overlapping TPLF oppression apparatus: The massive infiltration of federal security and military forces stationed across Sidama; the die-hard Sidama mercenary members of Sidama People Democratic Organization (SPDO), a TPLF stooge; about 800 Sidama Special Forces trained last year in Mekelle hell bent to destroy Sidama to protect the interest of their TPLF mentors; and a one-for-five TPLF security web.  These four intricate apparatus work in unison to prevent any move to mobilize any group of people for action. A logical question that follows is then that the same intricate TPLF apparatus of suppression exists in Oromia as well, but the people managed to demolish them. The Oromo nation was able to break the apparatus that perpetuate oppression for two reasons: First, the Oromo people have demonstrated that they are fully united in purpose and have superior skills of planning, organizing and executing mass actions for freedom compared to any other oppressed nations. Secondly, given the intensity of political and cultural suppression and economic exploitation in Oromia, the nation has buried fear to confront the brutal regime and when fear is dead, nothing is impossible. The Sidama nation is temporarily silenced but not yet out.  TPLF took preemptive measures to further weaken our nation’s resolve. It attempted to disarm farmers in Hawassa Zuria district for alleged plot to attack government forces. Dozens of armaments have been confiscated and dozens arrested but people resisted disarmament which was latter abandoned. The regime kidnapped a prominent business person, Solomon Naayu, from Hawassa in early December 2015 following the protests in Oromia. His whereabouts was only discovered in late January 2016. He was taken to the notorious prison, Maikelawi, in Addis Ababa where he was kept in dark for twenty days and nights. He was informed that he was detained for visiting Oromia frequently and talking to Sidama opposition leaders in diaspora on the phone. He is languishing in Maikelawi prison without trial as we write this piece.   In the past two weeks, five leaders of the Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM), a home based political party which is a member of Medreck, have been kidnapped and their whereabouts are unknown until today. These are:  Desalegn Meesa, a Professor at Wolayita Sodo University, and Leader of SLM Youth Wing,  Teshome Debebe, Resident of Bansa District;  Debebe Daaka, Resident of Tuula, Hawassa Zuria  Shura Kaachara, Resident of Hawassa, and  Demise Sukare, Resident of Hawassa A crack down on Sidama has begun and will likely intensify further as the regime fights to clink onto power by more violence. But one thing is sure. This will never derail the oppressed nations’ resolve for freedom.  Sooner or later the oppressed nations will join the Oromo people and will hasten the demise of the brutal regime. No oppressed nation should choose to remain a spectator of a massive human tragedy meted on people demanding their basic rights.

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